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Elder Care & End-of-Life Care Sales Training

We provide fully-customized — onsite or remote — sales training for the elder care and end-of-life care industries.

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Elder care & end-of-life sales teams have to walk a tightrope between performance and compassion.

Acquiring new leads and increasing revenues without foregoing compassion and empathy is a difficult balancing act for nearly any sales rep, regardless of how long they’ve been in sales.

  • High emotional stress

  • Empathy fatigue

  • Volatile pipelines

  • Maintaining high online ratings

Remote or In-Person

Our sales training comes to your organization and works with your schedule.

Fully Personalized

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Every program is 100% customized for your team and the challenges you face.

Measurable Growth

We help your sales teams and sales leadership set, track, and achieve measurable sales goals.

How our Elder Care & EOL Care Sales Training Benefits Sales Reps

Learn to Sell Your Brand’s Value, Not its Price

While price is always a factor, it's the value you create for your patients, their family caregivers, and their families that creates loyalty transforms customers into force brand advocates.

Through our sales training course, your reps will learn to recognize what customers want from their experience, gain a deep and nuanced understanding of your brand's unique value, and generate higher margins by becoming the advisor that your customers can trust during some of the most difficult moments of their lives.

Increase Customer Retention by Building Relationships

When sales teams forget about the humanity of sales, customers feel like they're nothing more than a number — leading to more negative reviews and lower repeat business.

With SalesEthics, your reps learn how to truly put the customer first, how to actively listen, and how to provide a sales experience that makes customers feel heard and valued.

Communicate Confidently and Increase Sales

Bad first impressions and poor followup can crater the performance of even the most well-intentioned sales rep.

Your reps will learn proven techniques for communicating clearly and concisely, build confidence and discipline through measurable achievement tracking and keep their pipelines full through our field-tested outreach and follow-up workflows.

Elder Care & EOL Care Sectors We Train

  • Hospice

  • Palliative Care

  • Elder Care / Senior Care

  • Retirement Communities

  • Nursing Homes

  • Assisted Living Communities

How our Elder Care & EOL Sales Training Benefits Sales Managers

Build Ethical Sales Processes

Learn how to truly put customer needs first and build ethics-driven sales processes through the SalesEthics Map — our proven strategy for sales success.

Find and Retain Talented Reps

Learn how to find talented hospitality sales reps and build a culture and department dynamics that foster long-term retention.

Become a Sales Mentor and Coach for Your Reps

Inspire your sales teams and become the sales mentor they need, creating sustained sales performance improvements.

Learn the Personal and Professional Attributes of Effective Sales Managers

Learn the personal and professional habits of the most effective ethical sales managers and how to gradually build discipline.

Develop an Ethical and Collaborative Sales Culture

Build confidence and resilience to rejection while improving your ability to genuinely connect with customers by simulating real-life sales scenarios.

Track Your Sales Teams' Performance Improvement & Personal Growth

Get actionable insight as your sales teams grow personally, professionally, and become an ethically-driven and effective sales force.

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