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Whether you're back in the office or working from home, our remote one-on-one sales coaching programs are customized to help you excel in your industry and role.

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Burnout. Anxiety. Toxic Stress.

If it feels like we're describing your sales job,
it's time for a strategic overhaul.

Many sales departments push their sales reps and account managers into using outdated and overly aggressive sales tactics that simply don't work.

Through our sales coaching programs, you'll learn compassionate, relationship-focused sales techniques that win more sales by deploying empathy and becoming a trusted partner for your clients.

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Meet Your Mentor

President, SalesEthics

For more than 30 years, Ed Miller has created successful multi-national sales teams and provided mentorship and coaching to sales representatives throughout North America. Ed works closely with you, coaching every step of the way, helping you understand your unique strengths, weaknesses, and lays out a step-by-step path for your personal and professional improvement.


Years creating award-winning sales & marketing teams


Years as a sales and marketing professor at OK Wesleyan University


Multi-national sales teams and brands led to greater sales success

Personalized Sales Coaching

Overcome Sales Anxiety

Ed helps you overcome sales anxiety by identifying its root causes and creating a step-by-step plan that empowers you to confidently communicate.

Genuinely Connect with Customers

Ditch the pushy sales tactics that don't work. Ed teaches you the proven sales techniques that deploy empathy and build loyalty with customers.

Develop Personally & Professionally

Learn how ethical sales starts from within and how to develop the discipline and character traits that build trust and customer loyalty.

Where & How

Remote or In-person

Flexible session durations

Sessions adapt to your schedule

What You Will Learn

Build Ethical Sales Processes

Learn how to truly put customer needs first and build ethics-driven sales processes through the SalesEthics Map — our proven strategy for sales success.

Navigate Buying and Selling Cycles

Learn how to identify where your customers are in the buying cycle and where you should be, in relation, within the selling cycle.

Develop and Refine Your Customer Interaction Processes

Overcome sales anxiety and refine your interactions with customers to discover their real needs and how to become a trusted partner in their business.

Learn the Personal and Professional Attributes of Effective Sales People

Learn the personal and professional habits of the most effective ethical salespeople and how to gradually build discipline.

Work Through Real-Life Examples in Sales Roleplay Sessions

Build confidence and resilience to rejection while improving your ability to genuinely connect with customers by simulating real-life sales scenarios.

Measure Your Sales Improvement & Personal Growth

Get actionable insight into how your sales are performing and how you're growing both professionally and personally.

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“[SalesEthics] understands the selling process. [They have] created a sales training program that has, as its foundation, ethical and moral principles. I will use [SalesEthics] again for this training.”

David Storkson

Director of Sales, Upsite Technologies, Inc

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