Case Study

Oklahoma LED Lighting Company

See how our ethics-based sales methodology helped this Oklahoma LED lighting company protect existing revenue, unify their sales and marketing, and exceed all growth expectations.

Gas station with architectural LED lighting at night.

The Challenges

There are so many challenges when a company merges with another. The premise is always based on positive outcomes. Positive outcomes are easier said than done.

With a new company, it’s important to redefine the unique sales proposition (USP). What worked before as independent companies will not necessarily work once merged. In this instance, the new USP was based on the end-to-end ability to fulfill the clients desire for LED lighting solutions.

Sales leader conducting meeting in glass meeting room

The sales team was inexperienced with the products they were selling.

The new sales team was comprised of individuals from the 3 preceding businesses and did not know what other were selling.

The sales team had to talk to different types of clients.

An LED sales rep now had to talk to an architect or a rep handling large corporate clients now was calling on individual contractors.

The sales team had not thought about the client’s point of view before.

Every client had a different process for their buying process.

The sales team needed to sell a solution, not a single product.

They needed to learn how to ask better questions, generating a solution rather than taking orders.

The Work Performed

We first needed to assess the sales team’s capability and adaptability to the new role they were being asked to take on. Next, we needed to work with each sales rep individually and talk through the buyer’s perspective. We used the Buyers Perspective or Process to identify where the client was and match our sales approach to the client’s phase.

Sales woman taking a call on her mobile phone
Assessing the sales team’s capabilities

We implemented regular one-on-one’s to discuss goals, accomplishments and corrective actions as needed.

Sales coach going through reports with sales rep
Gain team agreement on the new capabilities the company could offer.

We trained on solutions the business could offer and allow each sales rep to personalize their description of the value delivered.

Sales team meeting
Develop a client-centric approach.

We defined the client’s buying-decision process, identified where the client was in the process and adapted our sales approach to match.

Smiling sales representative making a call on headset
Develop solution-sales thinking.

We implemented a “why does the client need this” approach.

Sales leader and sales rep going through reports on computer

“We did more in one afternoon with you than 3 months with anyone else.”

The Results

The solution took most of the year to accomplish. This included restructuring the sales team, helping some salespeople find other roles both in and out of the company. At the end of the year, the results were very successful.


growth in YoY sales compared to the pre-merger revenues

Opportunities with new clients surfaced and previous clients returned.


in sales opportunities created

Identifying the client phase of the buying process got in the game earlier, providing more value.


global client landed

Demonstrating our USP landed a client seeking a solution. Their words were, “we did more in one afternoon with you than 3 months with anyone else”

Hand with pen outlining bar and line graphs trending upward

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