SalesEthics Mentoring

Work with veteran leadership experts to overcome challenges, define your organization’s culture, and inspire excellence within every department.

Why Invest in SalesEthics Mentoring?

Executive leadership defines an organization’s cultural tone, value system, and overall performance. If your organization’s leadership is struggling, so too will the organization.

By investing the time and effort to work alongside seasoned leadership veterans, you’ll gain valuable insight as to what personal and professional hurdles are blocking your growth how you can overcome them to lead your organization to greater success.

Develop Personally and Professionally

Mentors work closely with leadership, getting to know what personal and professional challenges they’re facing. Together, you and your SalesEthics mentor will develop a plan of personal improvement and work together to move toward growth.

Create a Golden Rule Culture

Learn how to instill ethical, customer-first values within your organization, and how to exemplify those values through your day-to-day leadership.

Through our executive mentoring program, you'll develop personally and professionally as a leader.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Organizations that truly place customers first and that are helmed by leaders who live those virtues are the ones that make indelible, positive connections with customers and win more business.

Inspire Ethical Leadership in Every Department

True leadership inspires leadership within others. By becoming a living example of personal and professional Golden Rule virtues, you make department heads take notice and strive to live up to your example.

Through the executive leadership skills you will learn, you will in turn impact each department head -- inspiring excellence at every level of your organization.

What You Will Learn During Mentoring

Mentoring Overview

Throughout the mentoring process, your personal SalesEthics mentor will work closely with you to define where effort needs to be focused in developing your leadership both personally and professionally. With the challenges understood, we then work with you to develop an actionable plan of development and set up regular meetings to track progress, analyze setbacks, and help you grow.

Duration varies according to need.

Mentoring location varies by need.

Contact us for pricing.

Typically performed in 1-on-1 sessions.

What will you learn during the SalesEthics executive mentoring program?

Organizational leaders including CEOs, Vice-Presidents, and other high level leadership positions who wish to drive positive growth and define company culture.

  • Gain Actionable Insight from Veteran Leadership Mentors

    Your personal mentor helps you understand the personal and professional challenges that are inhibiting you — or your organization’s — performance.
  • Craft a Customized Development Plan

    Working with your mentor, you’ll create personal development plan that addresses the challenges uncovered during your one-on-one sessions.
  • Implement and Work Your Development Plan

    With goals identified, continue working together with your mentor to put your development plan into action and begin your path toward personal and professional growth
  • Continually Improve Through Analysis and Correction Sessions

    Throughout your development journey, you and your mentor will set up regular sessions to review, analyze, and correct any issues you experience as you continue to improve your skills as a leader.


Now the overseer is to be above reproach ... temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach.

1 Timothy 3:2

Become the Leader Your Organization Needs.

If you’re ready to work side-by-side with your personal mentor, and work toward creating an ethical, high-performing organization under your leadership, we’re all in.

Hear From Satisfied Clients

Gary Geppelt of TFG In-Store Display recognizes the value of SalesEthics, Inc. training and personally endorses it.

Gary Geppelt

President, TFG In-Store Display, LLC

“Dan understands the selling process. He has created a sales training program that has, as its foundation, ethical and moral principles. I will use Dan again for this training.”

Rob Nock, President and CEO of Preston Eastin, Inc. recognizes the value of SalesEthics, Inc. training and personally endorses it.

Rob Nock

President & CEO, Preston Eastin, Inc.

“I left the course overview with several actionable items that we are currently in the process of implementing with our sales team. This course would be helpful for both Sales Professionals and Sales Executives and Managers”

David Storkson of Upsite Technologies recognizes the value of SalesEthics, Inc. training and personally endorses it.

David Storkson

Director of Sales, Upsite Technologies, Inc.

“Dan is an extremely ethical person and sets a great example of how to treat people. He was also an excellent teacher whom I could always go to for explanations without ever feeling intimidated.”

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Let's work together to ethically serve your customers and increase your sales.

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